High Water

Spring Awakening

Our June concert series MMF High Water captures the excitement of spring. Let’s get outside and experience music in concert with the landscape®

June 9 - 17, 2023
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Calendar of Events

Friday, June 9
Floating Concert: Water, Rocks, and Jazz

5 pm • Canyonlands by Night

Saturday, June 10
Family Music Hike: Swing Classics You Know & Love
8:00 am • Moab Wilderness

Saturday, June 10
Garden Benefit Concert: Musical Influencers
5:30 pm • Private Garden

Sunday, June 11
MMF High Water Community Concert
3 pm • Old City Park

Tuesday, June 13 – Saturday, June 17
Desolation Canyon Musical Raft Trip
5 pm orientation (June 13) • Desolation Canyon 

The Garden Benefit Concert is on June 10

Desolation Canyon Musical Raft Trip

Our spring high water trip takes you on a four-day adventure through Desolation Canyon. Expert guides lead the way.

Moab Music Festival musicians come along for the ride and give daily concerts, offering just one more way to connect to each other and this incredible landscape.