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We are immensely grateful for your support. While ticket revenues help to fund a portion of our programs and operation costs, we simply couldn’t exist without the generous monetary donations and giving of patrons like you. A gift from you today helps us continue to provide the highest level of artistry and memorable concert experiences that you’ve come to expect from the Festival, as well as vital educational programming in our local community and beyond.

Donor Story

Rathin Datta and Alicia Reyes fell in love with Moab’s red rocks on their very first visit in the fall of 1979 as students. Alicia had grown up in the Southwest and was eager to share her love of the Utah landscape with her future husband. The ardent music aficionados noticed how the magical rocks formed natural amphitheaters and thought— “this is where the gods play music!”

It was a 2004 New York Times article about the Moab Music Festival that drew the Chicagoans back to attend one of the Festival’s signature Grotto Concerts. For two people that thought that the only way to improve on the Moab landscape was to hear music in it, the experience was unforgettable. The Grotto was a perfect location—the magnificent sounds blooming in the air around them before soaring into the sky above.


They were hooked. Rathin and Alicia so loved the Festival that they returned again and again over the years, eventually going on the 2016 Cataract Canyon Musical Raft Trip. Their experience was fabulous—listening to music while gliding down the Colorado River, enjoying evening concerts by the side of the river, and flying back to Moab over the Canyonlands, all unbelievably beautiful.”

The Moab Music Festival holds special meaning for Rathin and Alicia. In it they have found an organization whose purpose is to make
music in concert with the landscape® in and around Moab, for them a dream come true. In 2018, they were inspired to make a significant, multi-year gift to sustain the MMF and ensure that in the years to come, others, especially young people, will have the same kind of life shaping experiences that they have. ”Please share our story” they have asked ”so we may inspire others to do the same.”