Nathan Royal, guitar

Nathan is a guitarist, arranger, singer, and band leader based in Salt Lake City, Utah. Whether it’s hot jazz, classical, American old-time, bluegrass, roots country, or an artistic blend of all the above, his music is deeply rooted in a love for acoustic music styles and traditions. A regular on the Utah acoustic music scene, he has performed thousands of gigs all throughout the state and beyond on stages big and small.

After graduating in 2015 from the University of Utah with a bachelor’s degree in jazz performance, Nathan immersed himself in the music of Django Reinhardt. Traveling extensively through Western Europe and Canada to study with many of the greatest masters of the hot-club style, he brought the acquired skills home and put them to work with his band, Hot House West. Combining intricately arranged horns with the explosive virtuosity and beautiful improvisations of Django-inspired hot jazz, Hot House West has carved out a niche in the style “that is both readily accessible and deeply sophisticated.”

Upcoming Performances:

Sept 3 – Water World: Rivers, Bridges, Droughts, and Floods