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The Making of Lost Freedom: A Memory Actor/Author George Takei and Composer/Musician Kenji Bunch As composer-in-residence at the Moab Music Festival, Japanese American composer and musician Kenji Bunch performed a piece he wrote for viola that completely captivated festival cofounder and music director Michael Barrett…Barrett proposed that Bunch expand the piece to create a chamber […]

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“In that natural amphitheater it was like the earth itself was opening up from the sound…those are the best acoustics I have ever experienced.

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TravelMusic is performed at scenic sites in and around Moab. For one benefit concert, concert-goers — and the piano too — are transported by jet boat to a grotto 20 miles down the Colorado River in Canyonlands National Park. Another concert takes place atop a mesa and another at Sorrel River Ranch Resort & Spa. […]

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Far-Flung Pianos: Distant Steinways Tell Diverse Stories Piano Care on a Rugged Trail At the Moab Music Festival, located at the gateway to Utah’s Arches and Canyonlands national parks, three chamber music concerts are held each summer in a red-rock grotto on the banks of the Colorado River. Before each performance, a Steinway Model B […]


Top Five Most Scenic Music Festivals in North America This summer, millions of travelers will head to North America’s most scenic destinations, and more than a few will be bringing their instruments. To some, summer means hearing world-class concerts in some of the most beautiful destinations around. Here are five stand-out festivals that benefit from […]

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Lost Freedom, Narrated by George Takei, Moab Music Festival. “The festival’s long-standing sale pitch “music in concert with the landscape” hereby takes on a whole new meaning.” READ MORE

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Travel notes: Art, music and cruises The festival, also called Music in Concert with the Landscape, will stage concerts in private homes, at ranches, various red rock venues, and its signature events, the Grotto Concerts, in a pristine wilderness grotto 30 miles down the Colorado River, reached by jet boat. READ MORE

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Music with Moab as the stunning backdrop There’s nothing like hearing the talents of world-renowned musicians echoing through special spots of Moab, just ripe for the acoustics! WATCH & READ MORE

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Sunny days, mountain air and spectacular landscapes conspire to create the perfect setting for some of the year’s best Southwestern festivals Musicians and aficionados flock to Moab’s red-rock canyons for two weeks of first-class chamber music, jazz, and more. Highlight: The festival’s post-music raft trip down the Colorado River. READ MORE

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Nature Provides Acoustics At Moab Music Festival With the tagline “music in concert with the landscape,” the Moab Music Festival boasts a huge variety of musical genres, from classical, to jazz, to traditional native songs. However, with concerts taking place outside amid the red rock, the setting is anything but traditional. READ MORE