Nick Kendall


Nick Kendall connects people through music with his insatiable appetite for a diversity of expression. He picked up his first violin at the age of three. As a teenager, he went to the streets of Washington D.C. to play trash cans for lunch money. By college, he was forming pick-up rock bands at the Curtis Institute between concert debuts at the most prestigious halls in the world.  Irreverent, funny, and relentless, Nick’s work is based on the simple idea that the energy you exude greatly impacts the relationships that you build.

A long personal history with collective action has led Nick to his leadership roles. Years ago, Nick gathered friends to form a band whose direction comes from the power of the collective which is  now the critically acclaimed East Coast Chamber Orchestra. His genre-bending trio Time for Three creates new communities of audiences that otherwise might not participate in the performing arts. Trained in the Suzuki method, which his grandfather John Kendall brought to America in the 1960s, Nick continues his family’s teaching tradition. As a caretaker of his craft, he is passing on the vitality of classical music to a new generation.