Rance Redhouse, vocalist

I am Diné from the small town of Kayenta, AZ, the gateway to Monument Valley in the great Navajo Nation. Since I was 10 years old, I’ve been singing the Native powwow style of music. I sing what is known as the Northern style, which is more upbeat drumming with higher pitched vocals. Growing up, I sang with the northern drum groups of  Eagle Creek, Singing Eagle, and Star Eagle Nation–two of which are family drums. As I got older, I made the change to what is known as the Southern Style, which has a more mellow drum beat and lower vocals. Now, I am the founder and lead singer of Southern Soul Singers. I have also sung with southern drum groups including Buc Wild, Southern Style, and Southern Outlaws. Powwow singing is one of my most favorite things and I am always proud and honored to share my talent of which the creator has blessed me.