MMF High Water Garden Concert

MMF High Water Garden Concert


May 21 2022


5:30 pm


Sunflower Hill B&B


Sunflower Hill B&B
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Colorful wildflower gardens at a historic B&B, tucked away on two acres near the center of town, provide the pastoral setting for the MMF’s first Garden Concert. Patrons enjoy refreshments, music, and a relaxed tour of the lush grounds.

Concert Description: After observing the desert flowers in a private garden, the aesthetic quality of medieval music will remind us of the ancient quality of the landscape of Moab. And then the music of Spain (Tarrega) and Italian guitarist/composer (Domeniconi) gently transport us back to the here and now. The informality of the setting allows for an up-close personal musical experience.

Artists & Program



  • Jon Paul Yerby, guitar
  • Francisco Fullana, violin
  • Mark Votapek, cello


  • Kathryn Lockwood, viola
  • Yousif Sheronick, percussion
Anonymous: La Quinta Estampie
                        English Dance
                        La Seconde Estampie Royal
Principio di Virtu (arr. Jacob Kerzner)
Yousif SheronickJubb JanninCarlo Demoniconi:  Koyumbaba, op.19Gaspar Cassadó: Suite for Solo Violoncello in D minor

Preludio-fantasia. Andante
Sardana (danza). Allegro giusto
Intermezzo e danza finale. Lento ma non troppo – Allegro marcato

Francisco Tárrega: Lágrima


Astor Piazzolla:  Libertango 




Important Details

Concert location: Sunflower Hill B&B.

A free Festival shuttle will take you to the venue. Shuttle information TBA.

Refreshments & Garden Enjoyment: 5:30 pm

Concert time: 6:30 pm

Ages 16 +
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Refreshments are included.
Tickets: $80


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