Extreme Weather

Extreme Weather


Aug 26 2022


7:00 pm


Star Hall


Star Hall
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Historic Star Hall, located in the center of Moab, is an ideal setting for chamber music, with excellent acoustics, wheelchair accessibility and air conditioning.

Concert Description: The weather has been in the news in recent years. Flooding, tornadoes, hurricanes, and severe drought contributing to record-setting fires are now annual events. This extreme weather affects our decisions about where to live and where and when we might travel. This program looks at how composers have depicted weather in their work- (Beethoven’s “Pastorale”) and used weather as a metaphor for our emotional lives. If it is “raining in your heart,” your internal weather is causing melancholy and pain. Stravinsky’s “Rite of Spring” reminds us that April is the cruelest month, as the story of an ancient civilization ends in ritualistic human sacrifice to appease nature and ensure a good harvest.

Artists & Program



  • Theo Hoffman, baritone
  • Ayano Ninomiya, violin  
  • Ruben Rangel, violin
  • LP How, viola
  • Leslie Tomkins, viola
  • Tanya Tomkins, cello 
  • Alice Yoo, cello
  • Robert Black, bass
  • Michael Barrett, piano 
  • Derek Wang, piano
Ludwig van Beethoven: Symphony No. 6 in F major, op. 68 (“Pastoral”) – arranged for string sextet 

Gustav Mahler: “Ich hab ein glühend Messer in meiner Brust”  

Robert Schumann: “Lust der Sturmnacht” (Kerner)

Virgil Thompson: “A Prayer to St. Catherine of Siena” (Koch)

Claude Debussy: “Il pleure dans mon coeur” (Verlaine)

Igor Stravinsky: Le Sacre du printemps (The Rite of Spring) – arranged for two pianos     

Important Details

Concert location: Star Hall, 159 E Center St, in Moab, UT
Doors open: 6:30 pm

Concert begins: 7:00 pm

Ages 6 +
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No food or beverage allowed inside Star Hall.
Adults: $25

Students: $5 (ages 6-18)


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