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February 2018

Coachella. Bonnaroo. Lollapalooza. These music festivals are legendary, but if you’ve already been there and done that—or if you need even more live music in your life—why not add a few less famous festivals to your must-visit list?... It’s hard to find a more spectacular location to take in a concert than the red-rock canyons of Moab. 

January 2018

Where will the sounds of music take travelers in 2018? The destination may depend on your favorite song, but whether that means jazz, Afropunk, rock or another rhythm entirely, there’s definitely a place to go.

September 2017

Moab Music Festival celebrates a century of Leonard Bernstein: As the centennial of Leonard Bernstein’s birth approaches in August 2018, Michael Barrett is doing what he can to keep the great American composer-conductor-pianist’s memory alive.

“It’s bittersweet for me. There’s a whole generation that has grown up in his absence,” said Barrett, who was Bernstein’s assistant and rehearsal pianist for seven years, up until the legendary maestro‘s death in 1990, and has been a musical adviser to the Bernstein family since then. “People kind of forget who he was,” Barrett said. “A kid might know ‘West Side Story,’ but there’s already a remove. It’s nice to be able to share all the music of someone who was like my musical father … with younger people and show them what’s so wonderful about it.” 

March 2010

"For people who have never been to southeastern Utah, “once-in-a-lifetime” is a good way to describe it. And for everyone who loves chamber music, the description is even more apropos. There really isn’t a better place where music and nature can come together so congenially. It’s as if this was always meant to be.”

August 2009

For the Moab Music Festival's 17th season, USA Today featured it as a program where "Chamber music masterpieces [are] performed outdoors amid the area's spectacular scenery of red cliffs and the Colorado River."

August 2009

"Red Rocks Come Alive"
Robert Coleman of The Evening Sun gives an insightful overview of the Moab Music with comments from co-director Michael Barrett, composer Kenji Bunch, violinist Ayano Ninomiya, and Jamie Bernstein, daughter of composer/conductor Leonard Bernstein and regular festival concertgoer. Bernstein describes the famed "Grotto" concerts - "Getting there is a windy, gorgeous ride, snaking between canyon walls that rear up on either side, their formations morphing endlessly with every bend of the river - and that deep blue Utah desert sky overhead. Thrilling!"

August 2009

“Grotto concert kicks off Moab Music Festival”
The Moab Music Festival launches its 17th season Sept. 3 with one of its iconic grotto concerts along the Colorado River.

August 2009

The Moab Music Festival showcases southern Utah's spectacular canyonlands in ways mountain biking never could. Julie Dugdale writes, “Although I don't know Tchaikovsky from Brahms, the beauty of this festival is that I don't have to. It's about what you feel when the music starts, not about what you know. The combination of music—whether its chamber music or a jazz ensemble—set against the canyonlands background is, in a word, stirring.”

August 2008

As the Moab Music Festival's 16th season approached, USA Today exclaimed " If climbing, hiking, river-rafting, mountain-biking and the scenery in Arches National Park aren't enough to draw you to Moab, here's another reason to visit: three weekends of music - [at] The Moab Music Festival..."