Westwater Musical Raft Trip

Monday, August 28, 2017 - 8:00am
Ruby-Horsethief and Westwater Canyons
Event Description: 

Lovers of music, nature, and outdoor adventure will find the custom 2-night/3-day Musical Raft Trip through the Colorado River's Ruby-Horsethief and Westwater Canyons to be the experience of a lifetime. Westwater combines all the components of a classic river trip: excellent whitewater, charming campsites, and great hikes. Part of the time you will drift leisurely at the river's pace; then there is one day of extremely fun rapids as the Colorado River forces its way into narrow Black Granite Gorge forming renowned rapids like Little Hummer, Funnel Falls, Last Chance and the famous Skull Rapid. Patrons enjoy daily concerts by world-class artists in extraordinary settings in addition to swimming, hiking, and relaxing as they bring their inner rhythms in tune with the river. Participants return to Moab on the evening of the last day.

The Westwater Musical Raft Trip returns late afternoon on Wednesday, August 30.

Adult: $2,000

$400 of the price is a tax-deductible donation.

This ticket is not available online. Please call the box office at 435.259.7003 to reserve your ticket.